Become a Partner


Over the course of the recent years SARD collaborated with a variety of institutional partners, ranging from public and private enterprises, over international organizations to charitable foundations and trusts. We carefully screen our partners before entering into a partnership.

We acknowledge the importance of building strong relationships with our corporate partners and strive for collaborations that are of long-term nature. The positive impact of our mutual projects will not only benefit the target communities but also create a strong social image of your organization and motivate your staff.

With our thematic experts and regional field offices we have the capacity to implement a variety of different projects. Our past projects ranged from primary education and teacher capacity building over reproductive health and HIV/Aids to farmers training. The projects can tackle an issue over a short time period in a campaign mode or a variety of issues in a long term CSR intervention. Depending on your own ideas and the current needs of the target area we design programmes that are sustainable, highly effective and sensitive to the current development situation. On an on-going basis we will update you on your project progress and invite you to the project site.

If you would like to implement a payroll giving, cause-based marketing or host a promotional event, we can help you to create awareness for an ethical cause. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for further information.